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How It Works

Oak is an award winning platform that brings augmented reality apps and games to your table top. Just place your phone on the Oak Dock, launch the Oak App and choose an Oak Kit. The Oak Dock folds up neatly so you can take it anywhere. The Oak App is compatible with iPhone 5 or newer. Three Oak Kits are available at release and more are always being developed.

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Rockstar Kit

Play any instrument anywhere. Just place the pads down and jam. When it's time to pack up, fold the Oak dock up and put it in your pocket. Carry your music studio everywhere.

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Gamer Kit

Turns you table into a battlefield. Collect powerful creatures and level up as you face your friends, peers and the online community.

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Explorer Kit

Pilot your own spaceship. Dodge astroids and battle enemies as you explore deep space. Your ship, your hands, you’re in full control.

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Developer Kit

Develop you own augmented reality apps or expand your existing apps beyond the screen. Our powerful SDK makes developing with AR fast and easy.

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